Piggy Boom Hack and Guides – Build your island in Piggy Boom

Piggy boom, an addictive game for all iPhone and Android devices is played by players worldwide. It is a Wheel of Fortune game, where the players spin the Fortune wheel to become rich and increase the collections of Islands. The players built exclusive Islands of their own with the help of cute little pets. The game can be played with other friends or players from any part of the world. Every player tries to protect his Island by other invaders, and himself try to steal the gold of other players by invading their Islands.

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The dominant feature of this game is the magic wheel where every player can try his luck every day by spinning the magic wheel to get heaps of gold and coins.

Piggy boom hacks: 

Other than this if you want to earn more coins easily than you can go for websites that offer Piggy online hack. In any stage when you have a lack of resources to play this game, you can choose to use hack codes that can provide you unlimited spins and gold for free. There are many Piggy boom cheats online generator which you can want to enrich your resources and island. The help you to get coins, spins or add shields for your account and make yourself productive. Choose a guanine site that offers hack codes to earn more turns and more gold that can be used to enrich your island and make you a top-ranked player.

Piggy boom guides and tips:

  1. Your luck is your wheel: the much fun of the game is with the big spinning wheel in the sky. Buy spinning this lucky wheel every day you can get lots of rewards like gold, attacks, protective shields and steals which help you to build and protect your island.
  2. Build your own island: Every player love to build a customized island for himself. Piggy boom has got hundreds of themed Islands which the players can unlock on reaching new heights. Always try to develop more Islands and earn more points.
  1. Be regular: The more regular you play the Piggy Boom more will be the chances of getting rewards and additional spins. Being a regular player also gives you opportunities to top up you are defenses and attack an opponent who has allowed their protection to drop.
  1. Keep mining: With every new Island you build set up a team of pigs to mine for gold. This can bring you rewards and some extra income.
  1. Protect your island: Try to get as many shields as possible to protect your Islands. Whenever you get a chance always top up your guards and protection.
  1. Acquire pets: pets help to defend their resident Island as well as retrieve the stolen gold. So acquire many pets and try to keep them healthy and full of energy so that they are active and productive all the time. Remember that you always need much love and care.

Though Piggy Boom is an addictive game, the players if play cautiously can have a lot of fun with the game.

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